Failure and The Future

Hello all. This is the benefactor of the Eldritch Tomb speaking.

This project did not go at all how I'd have liked it to. Between a promotion schedule I struggled to keep up with, Itch's significantly limited reach, and a general myriad of problems I was unable to account for, this Itchfunding campaign is a total failure. The money raised is going to retain the talents of the original developers, including myself, but it was not sufficient to make this project a reality in the state in which we would have liked it.

So where does that leave us? First off, we'll be resuming this project in a few weeks on Kickstarter.

Yes, yes, boo, hiss, we hear you. We aren't thrilled either. But every campaign we've done on Kickstarter has met or exceeded our expectations for it in a way that Itchfunding decidedly has not. In order to be a success in this industry, one must make a LOT of moral compromises. Ever thus it is in capitalism.

Backers on this project: You will ALL receive the finished PDF when it finally launches. That is our promise to you. This page will remain persistent and updates will be posted on it. All future revisions are guaranteed with your purchase.

Physical backers: I will be reaching out to each of you individually following the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign to retrieve your information for shipping. Your spot on the Inquisitors' Victims List is secure, as is your pre-order of physical copies. I will not forget or neglect you.

Everyone: Thank you for attending this rough experiment. Perhaps in the future we will have a smaller-scale project to ask Itchfunding, and we can succeed at a smaller amount. However, until such a time, we must deal with the devil and divert our effort back into Kickstarter. We hope you all can forgive us, and perhaps be present at the Kickstarter campaign even if only at a dollar to see how it's going. Your purchase is secured and we will not do you wrong.

Sasha De'ath and TK Jusola-Sanders

Benefactors, The Eldritch Tomb

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