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Coming this Christmas to a theater near you, the most horrifying film to hit the screen...

Nature Trail To Hell is a PbtA-inspired film of slasher horror.

There's A Homicidal Maniac who finds A Cub Scout Troop, and he hacks up two or three in every scene...

One player is A Homicidal Maniac. The rest are A Cub Scout Troop, controlling 3 Cub Scouts each. Two or three will die terribly in every scene. When every Cub Scout Troop is down to one Cub Scout each, the Shocking Finale begins.

Cut down your friends! Help each other out! Survive the night! Or else lose yourself on the Nature Trail To Hell...In 3-D!!

So bring the kids along, it's good, clean family fun
What have you got to lose?
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