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Decay. Crawling through the mud and rot for a chance at absolution...

Fungus. Soft roots grow through your body, holding you back from the secrets of life...

Mold. A thin layer of fuzz covers a book of secrets too terrible to bear...

Pollen. The way to the throne chokes the life out of you, stifling your lungs...

This is MYCELIUM and Other Horrors.

It's coming. Can't breathe.

What's All This Then?

MYCELIUM and Other Horrors is a Zine Quest 2 compilation of 4 Incursions for The Gauntlet's fabulous Trophy Dark, based on different allergens that torment us all. Each incursion is a horror adventure unto itself, each one with a different theme: DECAY, FUNGUS, MOLD, and POLLEN. The adventures are horrific, psychologically intense, and likely to end in doom and pain for all involved. They are intended for Trophy Dark, but could probably be played in any system.

MYCELIUM and Other Horrors features artwork by Labjer and layout and graphic design by jim pinto of post world games.

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Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$12.00 $6.00 USD or more

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