Physical Copies Are Back Baybee

Pretty big update coming your way, grimDARK fans!

The Last Train Out Of Grimdarkia has left the station, and anyone who didn't get in on the sale is now DOOMED TO REMAIN HERE. Woe betide thee, woe betide thee one and all.

I've sent an email to everyone who ordered physical copies - basically because the last couple of weeks have been MADNESS INCARNATE, I didn't get copies sent out until today. Super sorry!

I've also added another physical copy to the pool. There are seven copies left, to be signed and personalized to your heart's content! Get in on them now to avoid disappointment.

Finally, I'm working on a couple of grimDARK supplements in my spare time. One is campaign frames to play a game of grimDARK in a world not of your own devising, the other is just a collection of Professions and Talents (including Profession and People Talents!), on which you may heartily feast. Keep an eye out for those I guess!

That's all for now, grimDARKians. Until next time.


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